The Fire Marshal with the Irmo Fire District has several duties involving a variety of functions. Included in this list are Inspections, reviewing renovations and new construction, Public Education and Fire and Arson Investigations.

My name is Brian Haley. I am the Fire Marshal for the Irmo Fire District. I am in charge of all code enforcement and public education. I enjoy going out into the community and talking about fire prevention and safety.
I have 17 years of service to the Irmo Fire District and have been in the position of Firefighter, Engineer, Senior Firefighter, and Captain. I spent many, many hours educating myself so I can serve my community to the best of my abilities. Here is a short list of my accomplishments.

Certified Fire and explosives Investigator
Certified Fire and Life Safety Educator
Firefighter II
Certified Airport Firefighter
Fire Academy Instructor II
Bachelor of Science in criminal Justice Administration (Magna Cum Laude)
Masters of Science in Emergency Services Management
Member of the South Carolina chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators
Member of the National Association of Fire Investigators
Board member of the Irmo Fire Foundation
Child Safety Seat Technician and Senior Checker
Notary Public

If you want a visit from the Fire Department or me, please call and set an appointment at 798-4979.



If the FAQ's do not answer your questions, please feel free to e-mail the IFD Fire Marshal


Frequently Asked Questions


If I meet the requirements of the burning ordinance and can burn, what do I need to do?

Go to the nearest Irmo Fire District station and obtain a burn permit. On the burn permit is a more complete outline of the burn ordinance which you will be expected to agree with prior to getting your permit. Your burn permit will have an issue (start) date and an expiration date listed. Once you have the permit you can burn the material outlined in the ordinance within the time and dates specified.

Under what conditions can my permit be cancelled or revoked?

Your permit can be cancelled or revoked under the following conditions:
1) A red flag alert is issued; your permit will be suspended.
2) A complaint of smoke having a negative effect on air quality because of weather or atmospheric conditions; your permit will be revoked.
3) A Fire Department member arriving to find that the conditions of the ordinance/permit are not being followed; your permit will be cancelled and you will be issued a summons.

Examples of materials that are against the law to burn

·  Paint

·  Cardboard

·  Tires

·  Household garbage

·  Paper

·  Construction debris

·  Dead animals

·  Demolition debris

·  Metals

·  Petroleum products

·  (diesel fuel, motor oil)

·  Treated wood

·  Plastics

·  Asphalt materials